Videos April 4, 2023

Meet Your Lender

There is a reason I am successful with my client’s real estate goals and getting them to the closing table.  It’s teamwork!  I work with a handful of professionals that make the right things happen in the shortest amount of time.  One of the most valuable players on the team is the lender.  More precisely they are the loan officers and they work tirelessly to connect the new home buyer with the exact loan program that fits their needs.  As you can imagine, this is so very important.  It’s a 30-year commitment therefore it has to be the best.  It’s time to meet your lender.

I’ve decided to do a series of videos showcasing some of the best loan officers in the area.  We’ll talk about a variety of things that’ll surely help you understand the loan process better.  I’ve learned that many people looking for homes are not familiar with what it takes to get a loan or where to begin.  In this series, I’ll cover what is needed for you to feel comfortable in obtaining the appropriate financing and moving forward with quite possibly the biggest purchase of your life.

We’re going to start with a good friend of mine and certainly an MVP of my team of professionals, Mr. Bil Woodford with US Lending.

Stay tuned for more “Meet Your Lender” videos.  Thanks for watching!

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