Videos April 7, 2023

How to get prequalified

As you can see I’m getting more into videos.  This is the 2nd video in my “Meet your Lender” series where we talk about how to get prequalified.  In the first video I talked with Bil Woodford about CalFHA’s Dream for all program.  It’s quite a learning experience doing videos as with each one I do I learn more.  This is the 5th take on this video.  The first three were done without my photography lighting setup.  We used the fluorescent lighting in the room and boy was that a disaster.  Today I brought in the White lightning lights with the Profoto softbox.  Little by little I’ll get this down.

I love what I do for a living and want to combine my technological skills and photography background to be relevant in this business.  I think videos are the way to go because you can see exactly who I am.  That being said, let me introduce this video.

Meet Greg Herman with US Lending.  The 2nd loan officer from this company in my series.  Greg has made it a point to be in our office on a regular basis and share information about how things are going in the money lending business.  He’s been a tried and true resource therefore it only made sense to get together with him for a video.  We’ll certainly do another one when I get more sound equipment.

In this video we talk about how to get prequalified.  We go over just what you need to have for him to be able to give you a letter stating that you’re ready to buy a home.  It’s pretty easy as you’ll see.  We also review the GSFA program and discuss 100% financing options.  This is really cool and definitely something all home buyers should take advantage of in this market, especially if you’re a county employee!

I hope you get something out of this video and come back to watch more.  I promise they’ll get even better.  Until then, keep your credit scores up and call me when you’re ready.