David & Amy

Tony is a well experienced realtor, We thought our property would be on the marked for at least two years. He hustled and we had a firm offer in just 6 weeks. Tony was always a phone call or text away for all of our questions. He negotiated with our best interest first. I highly recommend Tony in fact we were so impressed that we are listing another property with him!

Michael & Aurora

I knew Tony as a friend and fellow professional photographer so I naturally sought him out as our agent. I can't believe his bio says he has only 4-plus years of experience (maybe that needs to be updated). His real estate knowledge and experience are impressive. He closely follows the market (and runs his own radio show too) and was able to answer all of my questions with great insight. He has lots of stories about his real estate experiences so he's learned the ins and outs of his profession. We had our ups and downs through escrow (doesn't everybody?) but he was able to gain concessions and credits for us through successful negotiations. This wasn't the best time to buy a house with high interest rates and low inventory, but Tony made it a great experience. I was especially happy that Tony assured my wife several times when concerns came up. What's more, Tony provided a solid network of service providers for us, from home and pest inspectors, a painter, home theater and carpet specialists, and more. Thanks Tony! He also gives homebuyers a special bonus at the end. I can't recommend him enough.

Chris and Mandy

All I can say is Tony is a breath of fresh air when it comes to realtors. He went above and beyond our expectations and was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. Tony always found a way to take care of our needs any time of day or day of the week. We would highly recommend Tony for any real estate transactions. We feel blessed to have met him. Now we are happy to consider him a family friend. Thank you Tony!

Keith & Beverly C

What we liked about Tony was his honesty, attention to detail and how much he really cared about us finding what we wanted and needed. Tony was also a lot of fun to tour houses with because of his industry knowledge and historical knowledge of Shasta County. I could text or call Tony any time with houses we wanted to see and he would set up tours the same day if not the next. In the process of putting in our offer on the house we just finished escrow on, tony was there side by side with us through the whole process. We cannot thank him enough!

Dan O.

Tony did a fantastic job completing a really challenging referal sale I sent him for a client of mine. His communication was stellar, he was upbeat and on top of the listing from the moment we 1st talked to the close of escrow. He is dedicated and professional and I won't hesitate to use Tony again in the future and would encourage you to do this same!

Valinda T.

It is a pleasure to submit a review of my experience working alongside Tony Hord, our realtor. I doubt there was much about the sale of this property that was typical or business as usual. I was attempting to assist my 87-year-old aunt who had learned after the death of her husband, that she was financially under water and that she was losing her home. Receiving power of attorney to represent her, I asked a friend of mine in southern California for a possible realtor referral in the Redding area (600 miles away from me). Tony was the person that I was referred to and it ended up being an excellent referral. The property had been vacant for two years and desperately needed landscape abatement and cleanup, not to mention the years of maintenance neglect. The only true asset the property had was that it was on approximately 2.5 acres in Palo Cedro which apparently is an uncommon listing for the area. We knew the property would draw a very specific type of prospective buyer. The goal of the sale was to pay off the mortgage and make a little money to augment my aunts modest pension. In order to do this, we needed a higher listing price than what the market analysis suggested. Tony went into the contract full well knowing the job was not going to be easy. He was always committed to meeting the goals of his seller, even when it meant more hurdles, more time and more inventiveness to close a deal. To be honest, there were times where I was refreshed by his ability to communicate an issue at hand, provide several possible options, and let me choose the option that was right for my aunt, full well knowing it would complicate the sale or end the sale. He said several times that his job was to meet my needs and that he would do his best to reach those goals. Tony was also willing to complete unconventional tasks, like dig a hole to save on excavation fees, or to remove trash around the property. He was kind, fair, responsive, professional, and I would highly recommend him.