Real Estate August 29, 2023

What’s it worth?

What is the market value of your home.

Are you interested in knowing what your home is worth?  There is a fast and easy way to do this but it isn’t the most accurate way.  You can go to websites like Zillow, plug in your address, and out pops a number.  You might ask yourself though, how do they know?  They don’t.  Their value is based on sold homes around you and that’s all.  It’s not based on your individual features or even compared to the houses that are the best compared to yours.  That’s the fast and easy way.

Now for the most accurate way.  This is when you ask a professional real estate agent to help you.  We love to do this.  Why, you ask?  Because it’s our business to know these things and we pride ourselves on the accuracy we have in our valuations.  So here’s how WE do it.

We visit your property and take a tour.  We note the features you do or don’t have and ask questions that give us the answers we need for the most accurate valuation.  We then go back to the office and do our homework.  We use the Multiple Listing Service to find the most comparable houses to yours that have sold recently.  We use software to accurately add or subtract the values we made notes on to compare these homes to yours.  When it’s all done we have a very accurate range of value that the market will bare for your home.  This is called a CMA, or comparative market analysis.

Now here’s the bonus.  We can usually see what can be done to raise the value of your home.  Sometimes simple things like landscaping or painting can make a difference.  Other times, a new floor or removing a wall may be needed to compete with the competition and get the price you’re looking for.  Zillow can’t do that.  Only a good professional can do that.

As mentioned before, we love to do this.  So if you’re interested in knowing what the market value of your home is then I invite you to call me at 530-242-1020 to make an appointment to have your home evaluated.